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Yoga for Hangover, Should You Hang Upside Down?

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Happy 2009! Still feeling the headache from 2008? Had too many Yogini Martinis™?

This video from Youtube Yogi and sometimes model, Tara Stiles, demonstrating yoga for hangovers is from November, but since we figured some of you may still be feeling the effects of ringing in the new year(!), we thought you could use whatever detox help you can get! Honestly, our brains are still a little soggy so we completely understand.

We have to warn you though, in our research we’ve always found headstand to be a HUGE no-no when it comes to headaches. With our own migraine experience in the not-so-distant past, we can tell you any kind of inversion will just make the blood rushing to your head feel like lead needles (really, it’s not a nice feeling). So go at this with your own discretion. Tara’s not exactly an expert, and is especially not in your body.

As for us, we are ALL about twisting. Nothing feels better than to wring out that lower part of the abdomen and those organs we oft neglect, but which are oh so important. Oh you know, just your kidneys and liver! Twisting feels great on the whole spine all the way up to your noggin. Also, water is pretty delicious too – don’t forget to help those kidneys and hydrate.

We’d love to hear how inverting affects your own efforts to cure the holiday hangover. What other yoga hangover remedies work the best?

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  • Agrippas

    I know some people prefer to hang upside down like that, but hangover is simply a form of dehydration. A glass of water and a good salty meal will do the trick.

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