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Post-Holiday Shopping Blitz, Lululemon “Sales” on Boxing Day Left Unpilaged

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We made it through the holidays! Well, the worst of it perhaps – shopping days are finally over! And for that we can rejoice and celebrate by shopping some more! If it’s one thing the retailers need it’s people to keep on shopping and spending money, which you know means the deep discounts have not backed down. So, how did Canada fair on Boxing Day, one of the biggest shopping days of the year? (it’s the day after Christmas for you yanks). Welp, not fantastic. And those expecting Lululemon sales were sadly disappointed, because well first of all Lulu doesn’t have “sales’ per se, although a few locations did offer some marked down items trucked in from the warehouse and tucked in the back of the stores.

In Victoria…

This Boxing Day offered a special challenge for retailers as they tried to beat the 50, 60, even 70 per cent discounts available before Christmas…Many stores had to up the ante, slashing prices by 80 per cent, hoping it would be enough to spur spending.

“It’s not very busy,” said shopper Sarah Wilson, 27, of the Boxing Day turnout. By noon yesterday she had been to the Bay Centre and was browsing in Lululemon. She was surprised to see fewer fellow shoppers on the hunt this year. “There are no lineups, it’s kinda dead.”

Not exactly the “2 to 4 hours before the store opens” turnout some lollies had anticipated or the retailers had hoped for.  We can imagine the lulu fans that did make it out had a better time frolicking through the lulugarb as turnout was much lower than the usual Boxing Day shopping bonanza, meaning shorter lines and better pick of the merch. It’s dubious these thinner crowds hurt Lululemon too much, though. We know the lollies are fanatic enough to pay full price anyway! Or buy on ebay. hizzah!

Financial Fears Make Victorians Reluctant to Open Their Wallets [Victoria Times Colonist via Canada.com]

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