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Bits of the Day: Yoga ‘Om’ for the Homeless; Iyengar Adopts a Tiger; Wii Fit for Recovery

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Yoga for the ‘Om’less: Homeless NYers are honing their yoga practice. “I really want them to take all that pressure and stress and throw it out the window,” said Karen Nourizadeh, who teaches the weekly yoga class at the Mainchance Drop-in Center on 120 E. 32nd St. “I want to do yoga for people who really need it,” Nourizadeh said. The students, though reluctant at first, have really taken to the practice. While we’re not sure yoga is really the top necessity for people without homes, or jobs, we applaud her efforts and hope more yogis will follow suit. Yoga for everyone!  [NY Daily News]

He’s greeeeat!: For his 90th birthday B.K.S. Iyengar adopted a tiger from the Mysore zoo! Iyengar paid Rs 90,000 as annual adoption fee for the seven-year-old male tiger Brahma. That’s approximately $1848.77 in US dollars and one lucky tiger. [IndiaToday]

Wii Fit for Recovery: Therapy has become a game for orthopedics patients! JFK Medical Center in Palm Beach, FL has added Wii Fit to its patients’ recovery programs, as part of the $10.9 million “high-tech” revamp. We don’t have much experience with surgery, thank goodness, but we DO know Wii Fit and we’re pretty sure yoga and ski jumping sound like a fun alternative therapy/diversion, especially in dreary hospitals! [Palm Beach Post]

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