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Yoga Holiday Greeting Cards

in holiday 2008

It may be a tad late for this season, but we happened upon this handy list of Yoga holiday greeting cards and thought we’d share.

  • cafepress.com – Simply stated “Namaste” greeting cards. [link]
  • hipstercards.com – Not so much Holiday, but some fun yoga greeting cards. For thank-you notes perhaps?  [link]
  • stillpractising.com – A little more mature and artsy. [link
  • ruthwhiteyoga.com – Home of YogaTeds – teddy bears doing Yoga- for real. Cute in a kooky way. [link]
  • cardsdirect.com – Simple and elegant Yoga holiday cards. [link]

[Via WhatAboutStorey]

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  • I am an artist and designer and I designed a series of Christmas cards entitled, “Santa’s 12 Tips for an Ideal Christmas”. One of the cards in this series is called, “Breathe” and features Santa in a lotus position with his yoga mat. Please go to: http://tinyurl.com/ydjde88 to check it out.

    Thank you. Liz Kitchens

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  • Hello. How to use a greeting card? I mean I’m a college student and my friend is from a yoga club. I want to congratulate him on his speech during yoga conference this week. Any ideas?

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