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PBS Peddles Yoga for Pledges with Rodney Yee and Colleen

in YD News

PBS has a history of offering what we call “wellness media” during their pledge-drives (sure, you can include Andrea Bocelli in that group, although we’re less certain about Celtic Woman). Anyway, we’ve seen Tai Chi DVDs spotlighted so why not yoga? Well, here you go – Rodney Yee and Colleen are hawking the Practical Power of Yoga as sponsored by the Gaiam Yoga Club. So if you’re a supporter of the Public Broadcasting Service or an overzealous fan of the Rod, turn on the old box to your local PBS station and break out the plastic to pledge anywhere from $60 (The Practical Power of Yoga audiobook CD), to $100 (CD plus DVD including a bonus segment), to $250 (CD, DVD and 6-month membership in the Gaiam Yoga Club)! Lord knows they could use the money. Watch the clip above for a taste of the DVD. [Gaiam Blog]

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