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In Recession, Putting the Vanity Budget On Hold; Where Does That Leave Yoga?

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Boy, this recession is really going to have us all wrinkled, hairy and unkempt. According to the New York Times Styles section, vanity beauty addicts are stepping awayyy from the Botox. But it’s not just the (completely superfluous) buttocks implants (for real), it’s the whole kit ‘n kaboodle of cosmetic procedures including manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing. Why? People are reevaluating priorities, and expenditures.

“…several researchers forecast how consumers might reappraise the idea of appearance upkeep in light of basic needs, family obligations, romantic aspirations, professional status and personal values. Although a recession may propel some people to seek more procedures, many consumers will reduce or forego cosmetic treatments, they said.”

“Cosmetic surgery is going to become the new S.U.V., something that you can do without, that is less justifiable for you and your family,” one doctor says.

OK, so there needs to be a hold on such luxuries as eyebrow sculpting every month, like that was ever necessary. But it kinda makes us wonder, where does this leave yoga, and fitness in general for that matter? Will people in their re-prioritizing cross yoga off the list as unnecessary or in a sense “cosmetic”? For those who consider yoga a non-essential indulgence, it might go without saying we can expect a steep drop-off. For those who see yoga and fitness as even MORE important to stability and well-being in these times, perhaps will keep a steady stream. But what percentage of yogis falls in either category?

Only time will tell if the next NYTimes article will be about the radical decline in yoga classes and gym memberships. We’ll see how many fitness clubs and yoga studios drastically slash prices and offer ridiculous deals come early 2009. We all know what the Lululemon lollies say about “sweat once a day… better than a facial..blah blah.” Maybe that will just have to do for a while.

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