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Economic Troubles: Remember Yoga Once ‘Survival Mode’ Kicks In

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Whether we’d like to admit it or not (and we’d rather not), these are certainly troubled times, and the glow of the holidays is kind of taking the edge off a little, but once the tinsel has worn away what will 2009 bring?

Well, apparently theft, depression and overall gloomsville: 

In the coming months, mental health experts expect a rise in theft, depression, drug use, anxiety and even violence as consumers confront a harsh new reality and must live within diminished means.

“People start seeing their economic situation change, and it stimulates a sort of survival panic,” said Gaetano Vaccaro, deputy clinical director of Moonview Sanctuary, which treats patients for emotional and behavioral disorders. “When we are in a survival panic, we are prone to really extreme behaviors.”

We’ve all felt that stinging desperation in our lives at one time or another, sometimes on the yoga mat. But staying true to ourselves and keeping things in perspective have pulled us out of those perilous situations. And breathing of course …a vital ingredient.

So, if you find yourself, or others, stricken with anxiety or grief, hunker down and remember what you’ve learned on the mat in the face of the fight or flight response. Take a deep breath and do what you can, little by little. Just like eating an elephant. One bite at a time. (a marshmallow elephant with loads of chocolate and sprinkles – everyone needs sprinkles).

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