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Bikram Responds to Fatwa, ‘Yoga has absolutely nothing to do with religion’

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Yoga’s ‘Don’ Bikram Choudhury responds as expected to the recent news of the yoga ban in Malaysia:

He rubs shoulders with Hollywood celebrities, refers to his yoga classes as “torture chambers”, and pooh-poohs religious leaders who oppose the practice of yoga.

“Yoga has absolutely nothing to do with religion,” said Los Angeles-based Choudhury, when asked about his opinion on the recent yoga ban in Malaysia.

“Saying that is pure ignorance. I say, go and practise yoga and find out what it’s really about.”

It should be noted that there is no music or chanting in a Bikram yoga class, which does help keep it removed from the yoga-religion discussion, and in turn seems to make it a more accessible style (for those who enjoy, or can endure, “torture”!)

Maybe some people need the tough love but this guy is a drill sergeant. Definitely no blurring the line of spirituality here.

Bikram’s Heatwave [AsiaOne]


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