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Bits of the Day: Yoga Birthday Parties!; B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga President at 90; Lululemon’s Christine Day Christmas OCD

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Yoga Birthday Parties!: Ladies and Gents are you tired of those lamo birthday parties that are all about YOU?  Wouldn’t you rather have everyone  retreat into their own sweaty practice of self-discovery on your special day of birth? No? Greedy punks! Just kidding. Truthfully if you’re tired of getting soggy on the sauce every year this sounds like a swell idea and reminds us a little of the roller skating and bowling-themed parties we used to attend as kids. Ah, good times. Plus! This also seems like a viable, albeit semi-conniving way of getting your non-yogi friends and family to give yoga a whirl. Cause they have to, it’s your birthday! (maybe serve your Yogini Martinis™ afterwards).[Financial Post]

B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga President at 90: It’s B.K.S Iyengar’s birthday this weekend (December 14th) and he’ll be celebrating 90 years on this planet. As if reaching the venerable age of 90 isn’t gift enough, Iyengar will be named first President of the newly founded Indian Yoga Association, which will hold it’s kick-off meeting in Jan 2009. Hopefully now he’ll finally be able to publish that yoga book for cricketers! (No kidding! He wrote one and it never came out. The more you know.) [Times of India]

Does Christine Day Have Christmas OCD?: Here’s a strange profile on Lululemon’s CEO Christine Day and her militant Christmas traditions. A few highlights: Day is an ornament fanatic, “I wouldn’t blink at spending $100 on an ornament if it fits my criteria,” says Day. Of course that requires them to be either gold, green or red. Plain old white lights are strictly forbidden, as are non-Christmas colors orange, pink and purple. And this holiday there will be at least 2 trees in the Day residence. Now, she may be anal, and slightly neurotic, but at least Ms. Day does enjoy the value of a discount – which she’ll be taking full advantage of at her nearest Lululemon. [Globe and Mail]

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