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Fatwa Update: Malaysian State of Sarawak Votes Yes on Prop. Yoga Ban

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Sarawak Next State to Follow Yoga Ban

The Sarawak State Fatwa Council has ruled that yoga is indeed ‘haram’ (harmful, opposite of halal) and has agreed to gazette the fatwa, as in accept and publish the National Fatwa Council’s edict.

The state’s Assistant Minister (Islamic Affairs), Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman, commented that it’s up to the Muslims of Sarawak to decide whether or not to continue practicing and that yoga studio owners are pretty much left to their own devices (and consciences) as well. He also said there would be no legal action against Muslims who decided to continue practicing. Either that’s code for “you ought to watch your back in downdog” or religious edicts really are considered more like suggestive guidelines. As Westerners we’re kind of clued out on the true implications of a fatwa… and we welcome insight from the informed peanut gallery …that means you…in the comments ♥

Here’s the update as we have it so far: 13 States (the first 9 being Malay States with hereditary rulers)

Perak – in discussions
Selangor – in discussions
Pahang – no news yet
Negeri Sembilan – no news yet
Perlis – no news yet
Kedah – in discussions
Kelantan – no news yet
Terengganu – in discussions
Johor – implementing the fatwa

Melaka – implementing the fatwa
Pulau Penang – in discussions
Sabah – no news yet
Sarawak – implementing the fatwa

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