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Malaysia Fatwa Update: State of Johor Expected to Install Yoga Ban

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The latest word from Malaysia brings potentially bad news to the Muslim yogis of Johor (one of Malaysia’s 9 states EDIT: 9 states with hereditary rulers, there are 13 states total). The State Religious Committee conceded to the National Fatwa Council’s decree to ban yoga in the country. Since it’s up to each individual state to accept the fatwa, or not, this may set an unfortunate precedent for the remaining 8 12 states’ decisions. However, each Sultan gets to have the final word of approval to make it official, and we know his highness Sharafuddin of Selangor is not having any of it! Hopefully, still. Even so, on the legal side of the matter, we can rest assured the Prime Minister will continue his stance on permitting the physical practice minus worshipy chanting, right?

Ban on Yoga Likely in Johor [New Straits Times]

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