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Bits of the Day: Save Money With Home Practice; Free Pure Yoga; Tips for Cutting the Fitness Budget

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Save Money With a Home Practice: In tight times your fitness expenses might be the first to get cut. But developing a home practice means you don’t have to quit cold turkey. Best advice? For beginners, go to a class first, maybe a few classes, to get basic instruction before attempting to follow videos or books on your own. It’s worth it and your back will probably thank you. [Seattle P-I]

Free Pure Yoga: Here’s your chance to try the yoga behind the green fuzzy wall (which is looking a little sad and brown lately). We don’t know when this promotion went live, but looks like classes are full. Still, you can sign up and they’ll email you a Complimentary 3-Day Studio Pass. Not a bad deal if you can stomach the onslaught of “laid-back” sales pitches and subsequent flurry of nagging emails afterwards! [SELF Mag

Tips for Cutting the Fitness Budget: Tip #1: Drop the gym fees. True, this may be the worst time of year to drop a membership, what with all the treats abound, but really, who gets around to the gym as much as they’d like to during the holidays anyway? Not motivated enough to keep fit at home? Try the local Y. You could even do pretty well going to free classes, ie. the promotion above, or at Lululemon stores (since they seem to be sprouting up like weeds these days). Just don’t buy their clothes. That’s tip #6. [Read the rest at Adventurous Writer]

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