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Lululemon ‘Starbucks Effect’: Flatiron Store Opens, Union Square Still On the Way to be NYC’s FIFTH Location?

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OK. So. Thankfully, last week we got clarification straight from a Lulu rep regarding the Union Square (Flatiron, whatever) new store opening… or so we thought. Indeed we can confirm from seeing it with our own eyes that a new Lululemon outpost did make its (somewhat modest) debut on Black Friday at 20th St. and 5th Ave. (pic above). But, what about the other location on Union Square West? You know, the one everyone had pics of and reported as the next location:

Since Lululemon and Skechers have claimed two of the three retail spaces on the ground floor at 15 Union Square West, who has nabbed the choice corner? Sorry to say it, but the obvious answer is the right one: another bank (an HSBC) will open this branch before November. [NBC][Racked.com]

…and is even on the Lululemon Athletica account on flickr (screen grab below).

Here’s a photo of the same storefront taken this past Friday November 28, 2008.

So we have to wonder, was this the original location to open Fall 08 that somehow got bungled with all the still-ongoing construction at the Tiffany and Co. building? Notice the billboard for the Skechers store slated for October 2008 opening, still yet to be unveiled as well.  Are we experiencing the Christine Day ‘Starbucks effect’?  Are they really going to open another retail store just a few blocks away?

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