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Fatwa News: Yoga Ban Reversed! Malaysian Muslims Free to Practice Yoga, without Chant

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Big news! Yoga will not be banned in Malaysia! In an effort to clarify the National Fatwa Council’s ruling and to calm the outcry of protests, even from the country’s sultans, current Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi released a statement giving Malaysian yogis the freedom to continue the physical practice of yoga for good health, but on the stipulation that they refrain from that chanting business.

I wish to state that a physical regime with no elements of worship can continue, meaning, it is not banned. I believe that Muslims are not easily swayed into polytheism,” said Abdullah.

“What I understand from the decision of the National Fatwa Council is that it was aimed at explaining to Muslims the implications of yoga practice,” he said.

Steering clear of an outright criticism, Abdullah has returned yoga to the people of Malaysia allowing us all to breathe a great sigh of relief. It’s truly a testament to how the health benefits of yoga can be integrated into any lifestyle, or religion. Yoga is for everyone.

We’re glad our guts were right, and there will not be an absolute ban. Speaking of our guts, and good news, Happy Thanksgiving!

Source: [Reuters] [Straits Times]

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