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UPDATE: Thanksgiving Travel Yoga at More Airports

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Travel YogaIt’s not just Northern Kentuckians enjoying some yoga tips on the way to the airport this Thanksgiving, as we mentioned last Friday. Fast Park, an airport parking service, is offering yoga to wary travelers on the shuttle rides from the lots to the terminals, today and tomorrow (Weds) 9am to 11am. They’ve enlisted the help of local yoga studios to give instruction and tips for staying sane during the Thanksgiving scramble and (often) turbulent family gatherings!

Cities and the yoga studios:

Cleveland: Cleveland Yoga

Raleigh: Gateway Yoga

Austin: Austin Yoga Institute

Cincinnati: Cincinnati Yoga School

Baltimore/Washington DC: Baltimore Yoga Village

Houston: Yoga Rasa

Miami: Yoga Institute of Miami

Milwaukee: Yama Yoga

Orlando: Yoga Matrix Studio

Tucson, Ariz.: Yoga Connection

photo courtesy flickr

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  • Kat

    Just so you know they are also offering a special “holiday rate” Just $5 per day when you print off a coupon from their site:

    They always have quick and easy service and now with yoga included, count me in!

  • Hi,
    I love the pic…can I possibly use it for my blog?


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