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Bits of the Day: ThanksGiving Yoga

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NYC Fall FoliageIn this weekend-eve before Thanksgiving surely there’s lots we can think of to be thankful for, right? Oh come on, you can think of something. In between fights with people in line at the supermarket, priming your appetite in preparation of the game day meal, and catching up on sleep so you can stumble out of bed at 4am on Friday for the big sales, take some time out for gratitude. In the middle of all the commotion take a pause, and be grateful for the now.

A Practice in Gratitude: Too often we are grateful in the form of relief (as in “I’m so grateful that‘s over!”). Yoga enables us to experience gratitude for the present. Learn to be grateful for every moment, the ebbs and the flows of life. [Divine Caroline

Will Teach For Food: Bring non-perishable food items to Heartsong Yoga (East Longmeadow, MA) for donation to Open Pantry and participate in a “Gratitude & Appreciation” class Thanksgiving morning. [The Reminder]
Frederick, MD: Aimee Firor McBride and Maria Garre, the owners of Ananda Shala, are giving free yoga classes in exchange for canned goods until Nov. 24. “It’s tough times,” McBride said. “So to not have to pay for a yoga class and bring a can of food can be a relief.” [Frederick News Post]

Yoga at the Airport on Thanksgiving: On the busiest travel holiday of the year yoga at the airport is a freaking godsend! The folks at the FastPark in Northern Kentucky will help ease the stress with yoga instruction and tips on the shuttle ride to the airport, including some for use in-flight, Tues Nov. 25 and Weds Nov. 26, 9am-11am. Ah, if only every traveler parked at FastPark. [WCPO.com]

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