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Baba Ramdev: Yoga Televangelist, Internet Star! Releases Videos for Free Online

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Big News from Mumbai: TV just won’t cut it anymore folks, famed Yoga-Televangelist Baba Ramdev has taken to the internets! It’s no surprise Ramdev is, like many other yogis, finally beginning to grasp the internet as an auspicious means of communicating the yog. We already got a taste of the swamster’s geek-smarts with that Google billboard ad, and now he’s gone and released every bit of his audiovisual library to the online masses, for free! If you’ve been curious to see the man who’s praised as the sole resuscitator of yoga in India, and who has declared yoga to be the cure for everything, now you can see him in all his online streaming glory at Indian video site Rajshri (if you’re not put off by the multitude of blinking banners). Streaming is free and paid downloads are available for $1 (USD).

The deal gives Rajshri Media the rights to distribute the entire video, audio, image and text library from Baba Ramdev’s Divya Yog Mandir Trust across all digital platforms, says Rajshri Managing Director Rajjat A. Barjatya. Apparently you can watch on your mobile phone too.

Baba Ramdev on Rajshri.com

Or if you’d rather, we found Ramdev’s videos are also viewable at Rajshri’s Youtube Channel.


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