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[Bits of the Day] Yoga Balls in the Classroom, Bikram Endorses CA Desert, Former Lululemon CEO Moves On

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Yoga Balls in the Classroom: Lucky kids! Minnesota middle schoolers are benefiting from research concluding that students have better memory and retention when movement is part of the curriculum. Instead of chairs they sit on balance balls! Meanwhile, we eagerly await the yoga-in-the-classroom research. [Star Tribune]

Bikram Endorses CA Desert: In an apparent effort to outdo Swami Ramdev on desert real estate, Bikram Choudhury signed a 4-year deal with Desert Springs JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Palm Desert, CA. A significant deal which contracts Bikram to host two conventions annually starting in 2009 for his gumbas teacher trainees. Badabing badaboom. [MyDesert.com]

Lululemon CEO Moves On: Former Lululemon CEO Robert Meers, the man who steered the company to its IPO in July 2007, and weathered through the VitaSea scandal the following November, has been named as the new CEO of Taryn Rose. Hopefully we won’t be seeing their new line of “seaweed” shoes next fall. [MarketWatch]

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