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We told you Lululemon Fans are Loonies, and Apparently Made of Money!

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OK, we know this is going to make some of the lollies out there all hot and bothered (some of which are dear friends whom we love, honest). But, guess what, we’ve proof some Lululemon fans are loonies! We just happened upon this article (from August) detailing the frenzied scene as spandex lycra/nylon-hungry fans stormed the huge Lululemon sale in Regina, Canada during one of their warehouse events we’d heard about.

Prices were reduced between 30 and 80 percent on 28,000 items, which were picked over within the first hour by rabid fans, essentially all women and teenage girls who camped out the night before ! The average amount patrons expected to pay? $300! And the most according to a cashier? (who we’re sure now needs rehab back at the Landmark Forum)… $3000!! Good thing this happened in August, we were sitting here thinking, boy, Canadians must be impervious to international financial meltdown! Nope, it just happened before the world economy landed in the gutter.

So people must be spending less now right?

No! Lululemon stock is bucking the trend in the retail decline. Lulu lollies, as we fondly refer to them, (mostly women and everyday folks – reportedly only 25% of are yogis) are still pouring money into the brand keeping it afloat and growing. Bless their hearts.

(photo courtesy Megan at Flickr, obviously from a separate warehouse sale in Toronto where people lined up at midnight on the coldest day of the year)

More loopy footage from the Calgary sale, Jan 08, after the jump…

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