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Top 5 Major Muslim Countries Most Surprising to Find Yoga

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So there’s this Yoga Fatwa stuff going on in Malaysia, we’re not sure if you heard. And since this has launched a deeper discussion on religion, we wondered, in what other Muslim countries do they practice/tolerate yoga? We were pretty intrigued by what we found. Below are the Top 5 Major Muslim countries in which we were most surprised to find yoga in bloom.

1. Iran – links Nava Scientific Yoga of Iran, Yoga Association of Iran

2. Pakistan – links Yoga Federation of Pakistan, Pakistan Yoga Federation

3. Saudi Arabia – link Saudi Arabia Yoga and Fitness Centre

Children Practicing Yoga in Kabul Orphanage
4. Afghanistan – The Most Beautfiul Thing I Saw in Kabul– Inspiring article about yoga in an Afghani orphanage. (see photo)

5. Egypt* – Egypt Yoga Festival, Yoga by cities in Egypt


*Egypt has seen it’s own yoga fatwa.

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