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Muslim Yoga Teacher, Su, Back to Set Us Straight on Meditation and Religion Once and For All

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Remember our fellow yogi Su? She’s the veteran Muslim yoga teacher who spoke out in defense of yoga, and poo pooed the warnings of Professor Zakaria on banning the practice. She also made a significant point about yoga in other Muslim countries, which blasted a hole in the apparent cave we were living in

Now she’s speaking out in support of meditation as a healthy, nonsecular practice:


“Within my own family, yoga has never interfered with any of the religious practises such as prayers and fasting,” she said.

On meditation, she said many people confuse meditation with worship or prayer.

“Meditation is also commonly thought to be a form of spiritual practice where one sits down with eyes closed and empties the mind to attain inner peace, relaxation and spiritual experiences.”

She said meditation can only be defined as awareness and any activity that is done free from any distractions of the mind, free from scattered thoughts is meditation.

“Yoga postures are performed to discipline the body, meditation is to discipline the mind.”

Right on. Thanks Su, for making sense and having the courage to speak out on this sensitive matter. 

Tried and Tested [The Star]

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