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Gaiam ConcentratiOm Memory Game Kinda Fun, Won’t Help With Sanskrit

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Gaiam has a little game up on their website to test your knowledge of asanas (poses by yoga duo Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman), which is cool except it’s not in sanskrit so it’s pretty easy to match “shoulder stand” with its picture. But, whatever. It’s still sort of fun, we guess, even though the flash is annoying. Why aren’t there more tools like this on the internets? Hmm…maybe we should get into some flash animation?

ConcentratiOm Memory Game

There’s also some bit about entering to win goods:

  • 3-day yoga retreat + airfare
  • $750 in Gaiam & Visa® gift cards
  • 3-month Gaiam Yoga Club membership + 1GB iPod Shuffle®
  • Gaiam yoga DVD collection
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