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Bits of the Day: Relax! Reach Out Yoga Destresses the Distressed, Doctors See the Light, Yogi Cameron Melts Your Worries

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Volunteers Destress the Distressed: Yoga non-profit Reach Out Yoga is Oregon’s newest “Destress Brigade,” (our coinage) bringing yoga techniques to at-risk residents of all ages who are seeking help with the stresses of personal issues, as well as domestic crises, addiction, and recovery. They’re on valiant mission. However, this fledgling needs the help of donations to file for federal non-profit status, pay staff and purchase gear. So if you’re in the giving spirit take some time to contribute at their fundraiser Nov 21. [Gazette Times]

Doctors Seeing the Light on Yoga:  While it’s not a wonder drug you can ingest, yoga is receiving increased support from the medical community as a viable rehabilitory supplement one clinical study at a time. Patients with illnesses ranging from Irrital Bowel Syndrome to Breast Cancer are finding yoga calms both the stresses of symptoms and side effects of constant medicating. [News Observer]

Shiny Happy Yogi: Cameron Alborzian, aka Yogi Cameron, is a supermodel, the star of Madonna’s “Express Yourself” video, and now a yoga guru who will come to your house for £20,000 (approx. $30k) a week to teach you the detoxifying methods of a yoga lifestyle. Did we mention he’s a cross between Marlon Brando and Jesus? Don’t have the cash? Be his Facebook friend for free. [Daily Mail UK]

Melty Yogi Cameron video below…

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