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Bits of the Day: Listen Up America! Learn How to Walk, Virgin Islands for Change and Kiwi Yogis Destress at School

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New Yorkers Practicing Their Best "Walk"

Hey New Yorkers! Learn to walk!: Seriously.  If every NYer went to yoga class and learned how to walk this would be a much more delightful city. But we suppose we’ll always have to play dodge-the-tourist. sigh. Maybe the dance could be a little more graceful though? [NYTimes]

Virgin Islands For Change: Residents of the Virgin Islands can’t vote, but that doesn’t hold them back from supporting the democratic process and the most recent victory of Barack Obama as US President-Elect. We’ve learned that the fine proprietors of Florian Villa (yoga retreat in St. John) offers free respite and yoga retreats to injured soldiers or families of fallen soldiers. If that isn’t inspiring citizenship we don’t know what is. [BlackEngineer.com]

Kiwi Yogis: A secondary school in New Zealand is offering a yoga program to destress kids before exam time. Hmm, now where have we heard that idea before?  It’s kinda sad these kids get so stressed out, but we’re glad the decompressing is being suggested in the form of yoga. [Thaindian News]

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  • Hi YogaDork – thanks for sharing our work at Florian Villa with your readers! We hope you can join us sometime soon for a yoga retreat on St. John. Our next retreat in in January and proceeds help support our work with injured soldiers and families of fallen firefighters….plus you’ll have a great vacation. http://www.florianvilla.com.
    Thanks again for the nice mention on your blog. We really appreciate it.
    Deborah and Scott
    (owners of Florian Villa)

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