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When the Yoga Studio is a Meat Market

in YD News

Although we’ve never had sweet nothings whispered in our ear during down dog (in fact no one even talks at all during the classes we attend), we have had encounters, and observations of, the  “Inappropriate Yoga Guy,” and some lamo date-tastic attempts in the yoga studio, by guys and gals alike. Hell, it’s not a bad place to pick up a similarly spandex-clad mate who likes your asana. But it goes too far when you don’t want to return to a class because Mr. Oogly makes you feel uncomfortable (like borderline sexual harassment? not so good, Al). As it turns out some studios struggle with the yogi slimeballs while others encourage the love scene with singles classes and post-practice speed-dating, which bewilders us. Emerging from yoga class all sweaty and vulnerable is the last place we’d trust to meet a legitimate partner. Still we’d love to hear how this goes in the Acro Yoga classes where you have to get hands-on physical with a classmate. FYI the grope-asana is NOT a yoga pose!

Between Poses, A Barrage of Pickup Lines [NY Times]

This video (mentioned in above article) is over a year old and has 2 million-plus views, but if you’ve missed the boat check it out below, we won’t tell…better late than never!

Behold Ogden, the “Inappropriate Yoga Guy.”

See the second episode, “Inappropriate Yoga Guy – Yoga, Bitch!” after the jump!

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