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Yoga Week in Review: One for the History Books

in YD News

Boy, what a week eh? A lot has happened. Let’s see…

We found out what yoga pose is just a pain in the ear!

We saw a Hong Kong yoga teacher get sentenced to over 3 years in prison for molesting his students.

We meditated on mutations and the expanding yoga creative license.

We discussed the union of Hip Hop and yoga, and were inspired by a certin MC Yogi’s call to action.

We tried Nadi Shodhan pranayama to balance our shakti while waiting in the voting lines; and breathed a great sigh of relief later that night, ready to celebrate peace with the neo(cool)-hippies.

We learned that Lulu stock could be a fad in a market that still stinks like a gym sock and that the National Fatwa Council really is in no rush to ban yoga.

Yes, it was a big week. Thanks to America, for storming the polls and showing the world just how “American,” and yogic, we can be.

We leave you with a video to capture the momentous week that made history…

…one more for good measure.



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