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Try Balancing Pranayama to Calm Voting Line Agita

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Happy Election Day! As we write this we’re standing in line for what marks hour number 2. Oh the excitement! Oh the anticipation! Oh the nagging impatience and people in line working our last nerves! But we’re hanging in there. And we hope you are too. Good thing we brought our iPod which is patriotically, and completely randomly, shuffling through Bruce Springsteen tracks speckled into the mix — “Born in the USA,” no less. Twice. We kid you not, one was the live version.

If you find yourself standing in voting lines for hours today we understand it totally sucks, but don’t get mad–long lines mean high voter turnout, and that’s good! So bring a book and take some deep breaths. Try the pranayama technique called Nadi Shodhana, which is alternate nostril breathing. It’ll help keep you balanced and even-minded for what is probably the most important decision you will make in the next 4 years, at least. (if you can’t see the video below click the link here.)

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