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Try Karnapidasana “Spider Pose” for Halloween

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Halloween… spider pose? Yes we are dorks. But seeerriously, this pose is an incredible stretch for the lumbar spine and might feel pretty great after a long day of marching in the parade or trekking around town carrying that 10 pound bag of treats! for the kids of course..ahem.

How-to from Karnapidasana.com (an actual website) after the jump…

This pose, sometimes referred to as “knee-to-ear” pose, is a pose that naturally follows Halasana, or plow pose. For some people the pose is uncomfortable more because it is a very uncommon position, than for any physical discomfort. Relax into it with your breath.

Preparation and Pose Tips
First you can come into Halasana as follows: Lie on your back. Your hands by your side with palms flat on the floor, fingers pointing away from the body. Now, on an inhale, slowly lift your legs up toward the ceiling. Continue to swing them over your head. If you are able let your feet go back to the point where you toes rest on the floor.

Now bend and bring your knees to the ground beside your ears. You can lay your hands out beside your legs (shown in pic), reach back and grab your feet or reach around and hug your arms around your legs. karnapidasana

Karnapidasana provides extended stretch to the lumbar region of your spine. If you relax into it the pose stretches your spine and helps create energy for your throat region.

Advanced or Partner
The closer you bring your legs towards your ears the better the stretch.

Karnapidasana is a seventh chakra pose

High blood pressure, neck issues, pregnancy. We suggest you don’t this pose initially without some initial guidance from a qualified instructor.

Hold for as long as the pose is comfortable, usually five to ten breaths.

Recovery and Counterpose
To recover you can come up into Shoulder Stand or Sarvangasana. Support your spine with your hands and reverse the path that brought you into the posture. A good counterpose is Matsyasana, or Fish.

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