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If Joe Biden Were a Yoga Practice What Would Be His Theme?

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Biden Yoga - WillpowerWILLPOWER.

Swing over to the HuffPo for a Joe Biden-inspired yoga slideshow, “Biden’s Willpower Workshop” dedicated to “a living, breathing exception to what is fashionable today: allowing hubris to anoint the inept political star status.” We don’t know what that means…but we’re sure it’s great! Go Joe! 

What about the other candidates?

Om-ing for Obama “For Mister Obama we will focus on abdominals because with his Poitier-like passion and JFK-like prowess he is a thinking woman’s President who upon reflection of our own gut check, we know can save our nation.”

Getting Palin Fit for the Job “if you are going to run the race of your life where there is a sprint to the finish, besides your “First Dude” being at the finish line, you need to do some yoga to avoid injury, stay strong and gain endurance, not to mention perspective.”

Anti-Aging Asana for John McCain “… the septegenarian Presidential candidate McCain, who doesn’t use email, is the poster child for anti-aging workouts.”



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