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Equinox and Pure Yoga Going Strong Despite Crap Economy, Plan 2009-2010 US Expansion

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Tight Budget SqueezeTightening your belt these days doesn’t just mean saving money. We all may be struggling with this tough economy, but it looks as if a lot of people are taking refuge from the stress by holing up in the gym and yoga class, which we find a much healthier alternative to the gambling and boozing option (playing the lotto doesn’t count right?). Equinox, with its partner Pure Yoga, has reported positive growth potential this year and has big plans to expand their brand.

Current US locations: Equinox-45 (5 opened in 2008), Pure Yoga-1 (NYC)

Plans for 2009: Opening of 6 new locations. Expansions in New York metro area, Dallas, Boston, Washington DC, Orange County, Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area. Pure Yoga Flagship studio in Los Angeles, CA, and additional Pure Yoga studios in other key urban markets.

2010: “For 2010, we’re working on a pipeline that would yield eight new Equinox Fitness Clubs across the country and several new Pure Yoga locations,” says VP of Real Estate, John Klein.

We criticize Pure for being a monster, but it’s a smart monster that’s sitting on a pile of money right now, that’s for sure. And really, sometimes you just want to escape the outside world. And sometimes that escape comes at a lofty membership fee.

Equinox Fitness Clubs Continutes National Expansion [MarketWatch]

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