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Yoga in Print: New ‘YogaMom’ Magazine Launches Nationally

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YogaMom cover Sept.08
For all you moms out there looking for ‘healthy living in a fast-paced world’ the new quarterly magazine, YogaMom, is here to provide. Nevermind that we really don’t need more print magazines (extra paper taking up space, costing money, wasting trees), not to mention the dubious future of print media in this digital era. But try telling that to the ladies of Mobile, Alabama! They just cleaned out the Barnes and Noble of the mag’s first issue. Alabama of course is creator Celina Miller’s home turf, but we expect YogaMom will do quite well across the country if not mostly for its non aggressive, somewhat innocuous approach.

“YogaMom has a little bit of yoga, and a lot of healthy-living, lifestyle focus. It’s about real moms looking for realistic tips. It’s not all granola.” Founder Celina Miller.

We have yet to see it stocked, so if you don’t get your hands on the first issue (published Sept 16) keep your eyes peeled for the next one coming out in December, boasting a to-be-announced “celebrity mom” on the cover. The website‘s not bad either, but we are rather particular about our websites.

Brewton yoga instructor, marathon runner launches quarterly magazine [Press-Register, AL.com]

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