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More Yoga On Film!: “Y Yoga” Movie Trailer, First 8 Minutes Sneak Peek

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We’ll momentarily refrain from commentary while some of you have your first look at the personal documentary Y Yoga: An American Yogic Journey, …Of course, we welcome yours.

Meanwhile, we still patiently await news of Enlighten Up! NYC screenings. sigh.

Peaceful Warrior Trailer

Filmmaker Arthur Klein examines the philosophy and reality of yoga in this compelling documentary. After becoming a devotee in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks, Klein traveled the world to explore how yoga has affected others. From a charter school in South Central Los Angeles to wrestler Diamond Dallas Page’s yoga class for American soldiers in Iraq, Klein reveals how this ancient practice continues to bring harmony to the world.

First 8 minutes sneak peek

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  • Hi YogaDork

    Thank you for your friendship. I love that there are peaceful warriors out in the world like yourself, spreading the idea or love and light. I believe that there are many more PWs than we can imagine. I know once we all begin to connect with each other sharing intent we can shift this universe.

    lets join in the march to peace, ethics and a happy life for all living things.

    Please share this post with anyone who would consider living the change that they would like to see in the world.


    Y Yoga Movie is a 100% indie project and it needs your support.
    Spread the word about yoga and (help) support more projects like this one.
    Great gift idea for someone you know who needs yoga!

    88 min documentary of Y Yoga Movie
    DVD, Score and Soundtrack NOW AVAILABLE

  • The goal of yoga (if there was any) is not well-being, if so one should choose power yoga or something. For awakening to a higher state of being one should practice original style and not the offbranch americanised yogas. Obviously yogas such as tantra yoga and so on is not safe for the the western man, because their lifestyle is not one of complete stillness nor higher state of conscuiousness. It would make their life more.. complicated and suffering would increase I believe. Sometimes it is better -not- to be enlightened.

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