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Pure Yoga has Pure Intentions, to Get Our Business

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Checking our email today, amid the spam and messages from certain political organizations urging us to make last minute contributions, we found a note from our pals at Pure Yoga entitled “Meditation to Soothe Your Spirit,” with a little coupon for a free class. 

From the email:

With all of the changes going on around us right now, we want to reinforce our commitment to helping you stay focused on your mind, body, and spirit.

Studies have shown that along with a daily exercise routine, adding meditation almost always leads to positive changes in our lives. Practicing meditation leaves you more relaxed and “in tune” throughout the day, and in a better position to handle stress and adversity.

We encourage you to take a moment to gain perspective and invite you to join us for a complimentary class at Pure Yoga.

Sure, it’s a marketing ploy. And we’re pretty sure what they’re committed to is getting our business. But we might just take them up on the offer – hell, we’d be fools not to take advantage of anything free these days! While we haven’t been the biggest fans of the mondo yoga chain, we give them points here. 1. It’s a free class. 2. You know what? They’re right. These are stressful times folks and we all need to do ourselves a favor and find a respite from the frenzy wherever possible. 

If you can’t find some free classes to weasel into in your own hood, at least do your best to find some time for yourselves, to take a step back from the world and breathe. And then it’s back to work! These bills don’t pay themselves!

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