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Infamous Yoga Stick Mystery Solved! Sorta

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LL Cool J shows us his ZenStick Remember that horrible story last year about the confession of “realtor to the stars” Linda Stein’s assistant beating her to death with a yoga stick? And everyone was like what the hell is a yoga stick?
Well, the confession was obviously full of holes, but we found something that can finally put to rest the mystery that is the yoga stick, sorta. It’s called the ZenStick, and it literally is and is inspired by… a stick. What’s its purpose and how does it bring you zen? Well, simple. You throw it up in the air and catch it with your eyes closed. That’s it! We’re not lying. And you too can get one of your very own for $15-100 bucks!
ZenSticks We kinda remember doing something similar to this when we were little kids except it was with rocks and sticks that cost us, oh…nothing!

The website disclaimer states “You assume all risks” in huge bold red letters – just a reminder you might want to proceed with caution whilst throwing a stick up in the air and trying to catch it with your eyes closed. And while obviously a terrible act, maybe Stein’s assistant was just trying really hard to zen out? Ok, bad joke.

(FYI: Apparently, the woman who created the ZenStick also runs a tiger conservatory. So your puchase of the Stick would go towards helping that cause).

After the jump, the ‘Official Instructions on How to Use Your ZenStick’ which definitely does not include anything dirty…

These are the actual word-for-word instructions…

How to Use Your Zen Stick

1. Find a place where you can be comfortable and have as much privacy that you feel you need for a minute or two. The bathroom or your car is usually a sure thing.

2. Stand or sit with your back straight and your feet about hip width apart. To protect flooring and the ZenStick, it is recommended that when first tossing the Zen Stick you may want to be on carpet. Standing in front of a couch is convenient, or best of all, stand outside on some grass.

3. Taking slow, deep breaths, gently toss the Zen Stick, flipping it to catch the other end. Keep your hand low and toward the center of your body. Try not to reach for the Zen Stick, let it come to you. Do this enough times to get used to the weight and balance. To appreciate the weight and balance, lift the ZenStick a couple of inches and let the free end bounce a few times, then flip it – notice how quickly your body adapts.

4. Keep tossing the Zen Stick gently until you are comfortable with your natural rhythm and style. Keep breathing and then close your eyes and catch it as many times as you can without dropping it.

Variations: You can carefully and gradually increase the height of your toss; you can increase or decrease the number of rotations in the air; you could use your non-dominant hand or you can move your foot in circles or arcs as you toss the Stick. You can try different breathing exercises, chanting, Tai Chi Ruler, even massage.

Cleaning and maintenance: Keep away from water and sunlight, clean with Pledge.

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