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On the List: Unisexy Fitness Helps You Relax With Sexy Non-Yoga

in holiday 2008

If you’re anything like us you’re already fretting the dreaded holiday shopping, which is looming right around the corner ready to pounce like a blood thirsty vampire, only this vampire sucks your wallet dry! Only 70 shopping days left! Are we stressing you out? Well, hopefully this economic crisis isn’t hitting you where it hurts too hard and making it worse. To help you out we’ll be putting together some holiday gift ideas in the coming weeks for varying budgets. Today we thought we’d get the ball rolling with this non-yoga yoga DVD.
Unisexy Non-Yoga Yoga DVDFrom the studiously titled, Unisexy Fitness, comes this stress-relieving video designed for the folks out there seeking relaxation before bedtime, with instruction from what looks to be underwear models. There’s sexy stretching, sexy deep breathing and some sexy yoga poses. But, it’s not yoga, sillies!

Recommended for: Stressed out males (or females too we guess) who wouldn’t otherwise touch yoga, unless guided by Sports Illustrated cover models.

Price: $19.95

Budget level: Penny Pincher


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  • Judy

    Great idea. My husband refuses to try yoga with me. Maybe he’ll give this a try. I just went to their site and ordered it. He’s going to love this. It look like a lot of fun to do it together. Thanks for the tip.

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