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“Free drink at the bar top” to go with your Yoga Jeans

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Free Drink at the Bar Yoga Top

Yoga hits the street wear:

Yoga-inspired clothing lines have popped up all over. There’s Vancouver-based Lotuswear and Victoria-owned OT Fitwear, which sells Canadian-made yoga clothing based on popular designs for a lower price.
Lara Brunschot, who manages a Victoria OT Fitwear store, says just as many customers are looking for everyday wear as for fitness clothing.
“Overall, our most popular seller is the loose-fitting pant,” says Brunschot, who happens to be wearing a pair.
Holding up a tank top with a generous V-neck and racerback, she adds: “We call this the free-drink-at-the-bar top. It might not be supportive enough for something really athletic, but it looks great.”

This is getting slightly more absurd now. But, we guess there’s no stopping the hip-yoga-streetwear train. We’re all for feeling sexy and comfortable, it’s just not clear to us why people would rather stomp around in spandex, of all materials. Plus, we don’t know what kind of bars they have in Canada, but we’re pretty sure you’d have to try a little harder than a spandex V-neck yoga top (pictured above) to get a free drink in this town.

Smarter Than the Average Yoga Pants [Victoria Times Colonist, Canada.com]

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