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YogaMatic Saves Us from Impending Loss of Identity with Customized Yoga Mats

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Is your yoga mat leading you into utter obscurity? Are you feeling like that drab purple just doesn’t express your true personality? Is your mat just too… plain?? YogaMatic to the rescue!

Nope it’s not some crazy ‘futuristic’ exercise contraption from the 60s. YogaMatic is a company that understands your qualms with those soulless individuality-thieving mats. And they’ve made it their mission to save you from the impending dangers of identity loss, thank goodness, with personalized yoga mats.

Actually, Che Guevara aside, we kinda think creating a customized mat with your favorite artwork or photo is pretty nifty, and the eco bonus isn’t a bad idea either (5% of sales go to Global Green and the material is biodegradable TPE). But, frankly, we’ve never really thought much about our “lack of creativity” in terms of a yoga mat, or fretted about what it looks like. Then again some people might be more inclined to practice if they get to roll out a huge picture of Rover every time.

If it’s too late and you’ve been sucked dry of all your creative juices, or if you’re too lazy, you can choose from the designs already created for you on their website. Although that would sort of defeat the whole purpose wouldn’t it.

Oh, and they start at 85 bucks. Steep.

Customized Green Yoga Mats [GreenMuze]

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