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‘The Office’ Does Yoga for “Weight Loss”

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Michael Scott: …”Did you See Holly’s Butt?”

The new season of The Office kicked off last night, guest-starring yoga! The episode “Weight Loss,” pitted the Scranton office against the other Dunder Mifflin branches in a competition to lose the most weight in order to win extra vacation days. Naturally fat jokes and crash diet hijinks ensued! As part of their efforts, Holly, the new head of HR, led employees in a yoga class prompting Michael to wax not-so-poetic to Jim about her rear…”Did you See Holly’s Butt?”

Later in the episode Holly goes out with Oscar’s Bikram yoga teacher who never calls her back after one date. What did we tell you about those capricious Bikram teachers? (oh, kidding!).

Anyway, it made for an especially entertaining episode for us yogadorks as we exclaimed “hey look! yoga! On The Office!” while our significant other just humored us and nodded along. Dorks, we tell you.

There was a clip, but it’s since been removed by the copyright ninjas.

UPDATE: You can go to NBC.com to watch the full episode! Cat/Cow around the 3 minute mark.

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