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FOXSexpert Weighs in on Yoga’s Bedroom Benefits

in YD News

Resident FOXSexpert, Yvonne Fulbright, unloads on us 9 reasons why yoga will fire up our sex lives. Refreshingly, it’s not only the typical “do yoga so you can twist yourself into some kinky sex pretzel” you horn dogs out there might expect (although increased flexibility is certainly a boon in bed, for sure).

In all truth, we think Ms. Fulbright did a pretty bang-up job getting to the bottom of how yogic exercises can really heat things up, by helping YOU get in touch with your own body. But beware, harnessing that pelvic floor is a powerful thing, as one of our favorite teachers described it, “waking the sleeping serpeant.” No telling what can happen once you’ve awakened the beast. Better sex, hopefully!

9 Reasons Yoga will Rock Your Sex Life [FOX NEWS]

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