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30 Percent of Pittsburgh Steelers Join Team Yoga!

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width=Above: Pittsburgh Steelers doing yoga, kinda. maybe?

To the gleefully ongoing news-stream of yoga and football we heartily welcome… the Pittsburgh Steelers! (crowd cheers). Former NFL player turned yogi, Sean Conley, with the help of his wife Karen (trained under known sports-yoga magnate Baron Baptiste), designed a therapeutic and sweaty yoga class for his Steelers students. Thanks to Garrett Giemont, head strength and conditioning coach who introduced yoga to the team, Conley has been teaching these muscle-bound fellows to lengthen and stretch in power yoga fashion for over a year now.

Not everyone wants to play however. Coach Giemont explains:

“about 30 percent really get into it.” Another 20 percent will investigate the practice, about 10 percent will attend classes reluctantly, and the rest refuse to try it altogether.

Hilarious. 10 percent attend reluctantly? We’re picturing these begrudging hulksters snarling and grunting, decrying the practice and then showing up again each time, mat in hand. Like little kids who won’t admit they actually like lima beans. Baby steps!

As it turns out, Mr. Giemont is somewhat of a yoga missionary, single-handedly bringing it to every team he’s worked with in the NFL, which would mean the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Oakland Raiders, and the LA Rams way back when he first started in 1970. Way to go coach!

Steelers Fever Takes New Meaning with Hot Yoga [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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