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‘Quick Yoga Training’ New Game for Nintendo DS Is Awesome if You’re Not Actually Trying to Do Yoga

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Quick Yoga Training

Yoga video games are all the rage these days! The new one for the Nintendo DS aims high, but misses the mark. Being Wii Fitters we’re admittedly spoiled by the virtual yoga experience so we’re already doubtful a game on a tiny (dual) screen can compare.

Quick Yoga Training $29.99

Why it works: It’s portable!; Cool 3D option to view poses from all angles; Calorie burn indicator measured by actual food; Large library of poses (180); Sanskrit and English; Quizzes.

Why it doesn’t: No sound direction; Difficult to follow while actually in the poses, unless you can somehow strap the DS to your face!; Some arguably tough poses for beginners.

Who’s it for? Practicing yogis looking for a portable guide. You’ll benefit from the 3D feature, the quizzes to help brush up on your sanskrit, details on what part of the body each pose targets, and the tips on poses to help with particular issues such as headache, insomnia, and the voices telling you to buy that fabulous new purse (ok we made up that last one, you’re on your own there).

Who isn’t it for? Total yoga newbies. With no vocal instruction you can’t really follow the game. Some poses may be a little too difficult even on the beginner level (would anyone wish urdhva dhanurasana on a newbie?)

Screenshots after the jump…

Quick Yoga Training Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Quick Yoga Training What Ails

Quick Yoga Training Tools

View more screenshots at Amazon.com.

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