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Sir Paul McCartney Teaches Us Eye Yoga, Makes Us Love Him Even More

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As if he hasn’t contributed enough to the world, the great Sir Paul McCartney wants to save your eyes! Sure these exercises make you look ridiculous, but as the legendary Beatle explains, your eyes are “just muscles like anywhere else” which means they’ll begin to atrophy from lack of use because we “sit at computers and watch telly all day,” ahem “or read books!” he adds for good measure. Simple concept, simple exercises. Thanks again Paul!



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  • Tai

    Namaste Paul

  • Awww, bless him!

  • it’s nice to see the eye exercises lex gillan showed us at our teacher immersion are so universally acknowledged!

    lex added that when one moves the eyes in a particular direction, up, down, or to a side, to visualize to infinity, then back along a thread or line of light, across oneself to the other side, again to infinity

    i don’t practice this often enough, and i say this cause, each time i take the time to do them, it feels really great for my eyes!

    so mucho thanks to my first fav jr hs band i listened to on a tiny-to-the-ear transistor radio, “i wanna hold your haaaanndddd” – i really did think that’s all one would want to do at that time 😉

  • Nina

    We love Sir Paul all the more, because he and Linda McCartney became Vegetarian, long before it was cool in the West to be vegetarian.

    The Hindus of India have been vegetarian for 5000 years. How cool must they be then ?

  • Louise

    Good job there Paul. And he’s got really gorgeous eyes to demonstrate with…

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