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Breaking: Kids Wear Yoga Pants and Sneakers to School! Plus: Behold the Yoga Jean

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Second Clothing Yoga Jeans

In a less than shocking, not-so-much news story, we learned that kids these days are wearing fitness clothes to school! Gasp! Of course, the article, which is not an article at all but basically an ad for Lululemon, ran in Canada, which we understand is at the forefront of edgy fashion trends (sarcasm). So if it’s not news why are we talking about it you ask? Well, the one part that did catch our eye was not that kids are wearing this sportsy stuff (seems to us they always have been – remember how big Fila and Adidas were way back when?) but that the companies are actually working harder to create garments that blend work and play. Lululemon, as we know, is the king (queen?) of this with major efforts to push their apparel as every day, even work attire.

And so, friends, we present to you their latest attempt at franken-wear, the Yoga Jean. We kid you not. But here’s the catch, they’re not actually pants to wear during yoga class, but rather to and from. So, what makes them “Yoga” Jeans? We have no idea. Interestingly enough they’re not the first to try this approach, Second Clothing put out a Yoga Jean last year with the attraction being a 3% elastane material. Similarly, American Apparel has faux-denim leggings that are literally spandex jeans.

No pics online yet of the LLL jeans but we gather they are a sure sign of how far the company wants to go to seep into every facet of your life. Not unlike the plague.

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