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Yoga Month to be Done in One Day

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And so it is September. Already at the three quarter mark and heading for what we like to call the home stretch. It’s suiting then, that September happens to be National Yoga Month, sounding all official and such, but gathering little more attention than the oft-overlooked Administrative Assistant (aka Secretary’s) Day. The touring festival (or circus? according to Bikram) which kicked off last week at the DNC to minimal fanfare, is making its stop in NYC this weekend, for an exciting DAY of activities. Yes, one single day. With all the hubbub surrounding yoga “month” (granted all on the yoga month website ) you’d think we’d hear about more events throughout, well, the month of September. And yet, nothing more than one day of half-assed speaking events and salesy exhibits.

We didn’t have much faith in the “awareness” PR campaigns before, and we have to say we’re still not impressed. Is SoyJoy really the best sponsor they could get? We know companies want in on the yoga trend so we’re offended that the YM marketing team completely dropped the yoga stick on this one. I guess we have to hold out for Yoga Day USA (one day should certainly be easier to work with, right guys?)

We might squeeze time in to swing by the festival grounds this Sunday to make our final judgment, if we have nothing better to do. If anyone else decides it’s worth it to take time out of their restful weekend to spend time collecting pamphlets and SoyJoy samples let us know your thoughts. Call us cynics, but we’re not optimistic.

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