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Yoga Revenge: Russell Simmons Gets What He Asked For, Or Does He

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Russell Simmons Yoga

Apparently, hip-hop mogul, and machismic yoga enthusiast, Russell Simmons likes to practice rough. After complaining that Colleen Saidman Yee’s classes were too easy and, we quote, for “pussies,”  Mrs. Yee responded with a torturous sequence leaving Simmons collapsed and sweaty on the floor in fetal position, according to the NY Post. We have to admit we love the idea of a demanding yogi getting his due while fellow students snicker at his failure to bring it – ask and ye shall receive! Unfortunately, though, for all we know Simmons probably loved it! After all it’s what he asked for and everyone knows “fetal position” is perfectly acceptable in yoga class. Don’t tell us you’ve never had a little restasana time-out in child’s pose. But 11 backends in a row? Please, don’t put us to sleep. Come on, Russ, you can’t handle that? What a pansy!

Yoga Revenge [NY Post Page Six]

Photo: Juan Garces / Splash News

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