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Yoga Festival at the DNC: Where are all the Democrats? Check the bars.

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Deirdre-Marlena-Hall Loves Yoga 
Yoga Month (Sept ’08) kicked off this week with a pre-party at the Democratic National Convention, with  hopes of garnering some power-player recognition and overflow attention from the media surrounding the event. With festival organizer and political journalist Arianna Huffington’s help you’d think all the delegates and media folks would be streaming in to take advantage of the free yoga, massages and free snacks. And yet nothing too exciting is happening at the Huffington Post Oasis, besides maybe the chocolate truffles the Yoga Journal and Huff Post correspondents keep raving about and popping into their mouths one after the other (mmm…chocolate). Not even Russell Simmons, the touring festival’s keynote speaker could find the time in his schedule to make it out.

Oh sure there were some “celebrity” visitors, such as ‘Marlena’ (Deirdre Hall), randomly, for you “Days” fans, because even soap stars love yoga (and Democrats?). Christine Pelosi, Bobby Kennedy and Daryl Hall made appearances as well, but no big players from the DNC have ventured into the Oasis yet, even though they’ve loosened the rules considerably permitting the real “button-ups” to wear shoes and ties in class.

So are the delegates just strapped for time? What could they really be doing all day and night?

Drinking! That’s what. If these d-crats are anything like politicians, we know they enjoy themselves a nice cold one, or 5. The RNC held in NYC 4 years ago had streets shut down, literally, like you had to show ID to get through, because the grand old party wanted to get their grand old drink on at the local pub. Who has time for free yoga when the host town is serving up free adult beverages?

So we suggest free booze at the next Yoga Festival if you want these business folks to play. Or set up a tent in front of the nearest bar. Because the leaders of the free world have a right to choose and when given the choice, beer > yoga.

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