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UK Government: ‘Get Fit. Please?’ New Bus Stop Yoga Campaign Launch; Is US next?

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every stop helps bus stop yoga

And how are YOU spending the minutes waiting at the bus stop? Reading a book? The Higher Education Funding Council for England thinks it might be a good idea to take a break from reading Harry Potter for the 7th time and bust out some bus stop yoga. The newly-launched ‘Every Stop Helps’ campaign has posters plastered at bus stops and pamphlets with yoga and pilates moves to do while you wait.

It’s actually kind of cute how the initiative aims to be a polite suggestion, a little tap on the shoulder – “hey, uh…so I saw you standing there, and I just thought, well, maybe you’d like to do some exercise, perhaps? It’s discreet. So no one will notice you trying to keep yourself healthy.”

But in actuality it’s a glaring appeal to the public to do whatever they can to stay in shape, because, seriously folks, health care is the last thing you want to be worrying about in a tough economy.

While the Brits complain the move is a waste of taxpayers’ money in an already strained economy, we happen to think this is the most fantastic idea we’ve heard in a long time, and one that the US should adopt pronto. Our dreams of yoga in the streets come true! And that’s why we’ve come up with a list of top 5 places to incorporate the American version, after the jump!

Instead of the government heading the operation we wouldn’t mind if some of these companies and organizations took the initiative and stepped up like they many did for their green efforts. And why make the moves discreet? Be proud, yogis! It’s contagious.

1. For NYers, Waiting for the subway/bus: While we wait for subterranean cellphone service the MTA can at least put some of that rate hike money to good use. Come to think of it, with all the street performers/buskers in NYC this really makes us wonder why impromptu yoga classes haven’t sprung up on subway platforms. Oh and here’s an even better idea, Metrocard discounts at yoga studios.

2. Starbucks: If you haven’t see the caffeine fiends start sputtering and frothing at the mouth when they have to wait too long for their venti double shot latte with extra foam, then you’ve obviously never been in a Starbucks with us. We kid! Seriously though, this is surely an opportune place to de-stress and work the ‘tocks before the jolt of caffeinated goodness!

3. The DMV: Where else do you need a little time out for a serenity check? Pick any one of the 3 hours you’re sitting there waiting for a great yoga workout.

4. Waiting for the next iphone/wii/megagadget: It takes a lot to get some of these gamers and gadget geeks out in the fresh air and if they can’t benefit from a few yoga moves we don’t know who can.

5. McDonald’s (or any fast-food chain for that matter): Need we explain? Big MacAsana? Get those buns in shape.

Buttock-clenching at the bus stop: The nany state’s new bid to get us all fit [Daily Mail UK]

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