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“Rock” Yoga T-Shirts Rocking the Yogarazzi Boat?

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the bhaktis yoga tshirt

Sure these newfangled “rock n roll” yoga t-shirts seem like a bastardization of an ancient spiritual practice held sacred for thousands of years, but you know what? Who cares? This is 2008 folks and if you have a problem with “commoditization” and trendiness of yoga, stop shelling out wads of cash for a fancy schmancy studio and overpriced butt-enhancing yoga apparel.
Don’t expect that this won’t cause a heated debate, as demonstrated in the comments over at Boing Boing yesterday, where “Antinous” so charmingly schooled us:

First of all, yoga is utterly syncretic, so talking about mindless mixing is inapplicable. Second, selling religious supplies to yoga practitioners has gone on since either yoga or commerce was invented. Third, nobody in India would blink an eye at the idea of making money from yoga supplies.

 And to that we raise our yogini martini™.

Honestly, what we find most offensive about the shirts is that they even went for those cliched and hackneyed designs. The Bhaktis? Really?

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  • Pretty funny to see the t-shirt stuff pop up from time to time. Have to get to see the ‘green’ wall at Pure. I’m sure it will give me something funny to write about.

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