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Is Your Yoga Mat Making You Sick?

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What’s sticky, smelly and can turn you from downward dog to sick pup? Your PVC yoga mat!

You’ve got to make choices in life, so slow down there sport, and think twice before purchasing a shiny new plastic mat from your favorite overpriced yoga retailer, unless you prefer your pranayama with hefty side of poly-vinyl chloride. Yes, good old PVC, what they make sex toys and shower curtains out of, and which emits that “fresh” plastic stench (aka “new car smell”) that you really shouldn’t inhale if you can help it. (Also, try not to chew on it either, just saying). Putting it into perspective, when it comes to your health, and possibly the future of planet Earth, maybe you ought to take a little more care in how you spend your karmic dollar.

If you already own one, don’t get too bent out of shape, it looks like they’re working on a PVC recycling process. But, due to the high-cost-factor don’t be surprised if Wall-E ends up disposing of your cast-offs.

Think Yoga is Healthy? Not on a PVC Mat [Huffington Post] via sustainablog

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