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Titans, Rams Take Time off from ‘Banging,’ Get Friendly with Yoga

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MORE Yoga at Football Practice!: The Titans and Rams took time out from their joint practice sessions to work out the kinks and ease the frustrations of their aggressive sport.

OK, when we said we sensed a budding trend of yoga in football we had no idea it was spreading so rapidly. These big hunks of muscle and brawn we call football players are actually taking yoga seriously to help stretch their aching bones. The Tennessee Titans (now our new favorite team!), have been incorporating yoga into their training camps and off season program for years and now, adorably, they’re sharing the love by inviting the St. Louis Rams to join in during their joint team practices, who cordially obliged.

St. Louis center Brett Romberg says,

“Anytime you can take off some banging, it definitely makes the body feel a lot better. The yoga’s great. I hope they start implementing it in St. Louis. It definitely works.”

There you have it folks! Another testament to yoga in sports: the perfect antidote to all that banging!

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